The Royal Set Bracelet

May 16, 2018

Why Everyone Love this Bracelet?

For some reason, this  “Royal Design” Special Edition Bracelet really catch the Famous eyes

It Has been made By Chimu jewelry, That deliver the right Special Pieces like we love!

as one of our buyers send to us:

“IDK What the hell is inside this set of bracelets, but its a fucking Girls Magnet”

We can understand why these Pieces are going so well.

The Royal Set is an eye catcher for sure and stands out. the Golden square is really “Royal” as Chimu Jewelers has stated.

We saw some Rappers Like Khalid, Migos, Bazzi and even the Latin Prince Royce  wearing them out and

maybe it’s your turn to Get your Royal Piece?


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Too much jewelry for men?

Like any jewelry, bracelets can be a part of a stylish man’s wardrobe.

Reasons For Men To Wear A Bracelet

It’s easy to say bracelets are not manly.

However, if you know your history, you might remember that warriors & kings from various cultures wore armbands on their wrists.

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Conversation Starter

Accessories are visual cues to your personality. Interesting accessories always draw attention. You might find strangers start approaching you more often when you wear a bracelet that looks like it has a cool story associated with its purchase.

Wearing a bracelet can be a great conversation starter. It could be the excuse the pretty woman in a cafe needs to strike up a conversation. It could break the lull in a slow conversation.

That’s a cool bracelet, where did you get it from?

In a world where everyone looks uniform, wearing an eye-catching accessory sets you apart and makes you appear more interesting.

It attracts attention in a good way. Perhaps you’re on a beach and the only accessory you can wear is a bracelet.

Instant Association

Cultures have often associated bracelets with wealth and status. An instant association that identifies your status in society.

In many countries in the Eastern part of the world, wearing a bracelet can signify that you are affluent.

You Enjoy Wearing Bracelets

You might be among the fashionable men who reckon that bracelets look good on men and are fun to wear.

You enjoy wearing bracelets. 

Bracelets are a great way to add color to your outfit. They can be dressed up or down.

A woven bracelet that matches a color from your shirt pattern, tie or pocket square is appropriate even in corporate environments.

Slip the same bracelet around your wrist for a lazy Sunday afternoon barbecue in your backyard or at the beach.


A Few Guidelines For Wristwear

  • Choosing a wrist to wear the bracelet – While there is no hard and fast rule about which wrist to wear a bracelet,  they are traditionally worn on your dominant hand’s wrist. It’s best to wear it on the wrist opposite your watch to avoid scratching your watch.
  • Aim for balance if wearing multiple bracelets – Counterbalance dark colored suits or outfits with lighter colored bracelets. Wearing multiple bracelets? Mix a lighter, brighter bracelet with a metal cuff. Wear a combination of beaded bracelets with leather or metal cuffs.
  • Your bracelet does not have to match your watch – However, make sure it doesn’t overpower it. A chunkier weekend watch looks good paired with bigger bracelets. A more refined dial on a dress watch looks better with a subtler accessory on the opposite wrist.

A bracelet aids in accentuating your personal style. Use it to accessorize your outfits – dressing up or down depending on the occasion. If you have never tried them before, a metal or leather bracelets will set you apart as a cultured man who is not afraid to experiment with his personal style.



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