September 11, 2017

Lucky Red String Bracelet for Love

A huge charity movement behind a bracelet, these beautifully crafted red string bracelets has touched hundred’s of lives with this fast growing movement: spreading love, compassion, protection, and wishes of luck to people in need.

Now offered in a SET OF TWO red string bracelets,  these bracelets are a symbol for sending out love and compassion to the people around you. Since this promotion was released, people choose to wear one of the lucky bracelets to serve as a reminder of doing good and give away the other to people needing love, luck, protection, and compassion. In Buddhism, red string bracelets have always served as a reminder for people to provide help and love to everyone around them. You too can make a difference by being a part of this movement!

The charity movement does not stop spreading compassion with this great reminder alone. Aside from offering a set of two bracelets for the price of one

Leonardo Dicaprio Lucky Red String BraceletJoining the movement is no other than the Oscar’s Academy Awards Best Actor 2016 Winner, Leonardo DiCaprio. Before the Oscars, Leonardo has been wearing a red string bracelet which he got from a Monk in Angkor Wat after giving a donation. The Oscars has been long speculated and demanded by many fans to be granted to DiCaprio but the award has been elusive since he started his career. In the 2016 Oscars, he finally got it! It is true that if you do good, something good will happen to you. And he is not the only celebrity joining the movement, even artists like Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Richie, Rihanna, Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Zac Efron, Lauren Conrad, Chris Brown and more are part of this!

Red String Bracelets Famous Celebrities ArtistsRed String Bracelets Famous Celebrities ArtistsRed String Bracelets Famous Celebrities Artists

Wonder what beliefs come with the red string bracelet? The red string brings numerous symbolisms: love, compassion, courage, protection, good luck, and knows how to rule the tongue which allows wearers to be mindful of the tongue; for the tongue can cut deeper than the sword.

Buddhist Lucky Red String Bracelet

How do people wear the red string bracelet? Red string bracelets are generally worn on the left hand because this side is the closest to your heart! Start by getting your loved one tie the string on your left hand, and ensure it fits comfortably.

Start repeating your mantra to refrain from thinking negatively towards others, remind yourself how harmful these thoughts are, and proudly wear the red string bracelet until it wears off on its own. When the red string bracelet falls off, it is believed that the red string bracelet has deflected all of the harm and absorbed the negative energies in your life or that it can no longer hold anymore.

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Shannon Peters said, “I got mine and absolutely felt better giving away the other one to my neighbor who is always aggravated for no reason. He thanked me, by the way.”

Red String Bracelet ReviewsRed String Bracelet Reviews

Jamie Stein shared, “I went to Cambodia last year and got my own red string bracelet from one of the monks in the temple we visited and was absolutely devastated when it broke. Glad Ring to Perfection offers it in a buy 1 get 1 promo.Gave the other one to my best friend. I love her.”

Red String Bracelet Reviews

Linda Olsen proudly said, “I got three pairs. Don’t ask me, I just felt like getting three sets and to my surprise, Ring to Perfection even sent a free jewelry! What a wonderful store to their avid customers. I gave one to my sister who needs protection, another one to my son whom I love to shower with love and care, and three to each of the homeless people I cross paths with while on the road.”

Red String Bracelet ReviewsRed String Bracelet Reviews

There is no definite timeframe as to when Ring to Perfection will end this great deal. As of the publish date of this blog, it is still running and active. If you want to join the movement in spreading love, compassion, and goodness, you can click here to see if the promotion is still available.

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