Lotus Silver Prayer Beads Bracelet

This LIMITED EDITION silver prayer bracelet features Lotus beads, handmade of the Finest premium silver. Each bead has a unique design from the Tibetan alphabet called Abugida. Impressively engraved by hand, every high-grade silver bead is polished to create the perfect traditional Buddhist style bracelet for happiness, luck, and fortune.

The unique ancient-inspired bracelet comes with a comfortable flex rope cord with an adjustable length of 7.08" (17cm), and bead sizes from 12mm  to 14mm" (1.39cm). This unique Prayer beads bracelet is adjustable through a lace-up knot and is perfect for meditation or reciting mantras.

Engraved with Sanskrit six word incantation
  • International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration:”Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ”

  • Six words Chinese Pinyin phonetic:  (ōng) (mā) (nī) (bēi)  (mēi)(hōng)

  • Its connotation is very rich, mysterious infinite, supreme, the possession of the universe in the great ability, great wisdom, great compassion

    Tibetan Buddhism believes that the six word incantation has the power Get rid of the power of evil.

  • Is a symbol of auspicious.  ​



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