Universe Pendant


This Universe Pendant is like a small, wonderful universe encapsulated in glass. Mysterious and delightful changes due to light and viewing angle mean you will never grow tired of gazing into this space. Each and every Galaxy Pendant is made by hand. Combining an array of glass, metals and crystal in multiple layers and applying heat with a burner, the resulting is always wonderfully unpredictable. In other words, the Galaxy Pendant Necklace in your hands is totally unique.

Pendant size: 2.1cm x 3.0cm

Please note: Every galaxy glass pendant is hand made and unique, so it may be a little different from the picture.

The Universe Pendant:  

Wouldn’t it be cool to bring the universe around you anywhere you go? Having the universe round your neck (as a pendant), or on your ears (as an earring). Ouch! That’s could be a little heavy, but shouldn’t it be heavy because we are talking about the UNIVERSAL!  

The universe is still a great mystery in our today science. Our solar system consists of eight planets, and the Sun itself is 1,300,000 times bigger than our mother earth. According to the knowledge known today, there could be 100 to 200 billions of planets in our Milky way, considering it as a low estimate. We knew that Milky Way is not the only Galaxy in this Universe, which there could be another 200 billion Galaxies in it. Now, we are getting towards infinity numbers.

We believe that everyone of us are unique in this planet, hence it is important that the Universe Pendant had to be unique in every pieces as well. What if we can put the universe into a crystal and made it become a wearable. That is the whole simple idea we got.  

We want the product to be small but yet detailed. Something you can wear it, like a ring, necklace or pendant and it got to be very personal to you. After numerous researches, finally we found the right material and techniques for the ideas. 

Creating the pendant uses a method called “Lampwork.” The artist will have a burning torch set on a countertop, and then hold the glass rod to the left and right to shape the pendant and form the details within the crystal. Borosilicate glass is used to form the crystal and the planet, as it is more durable and less subject to thermal stress. The galaxy in the glass sphere of the universe is in fact the effect of the illusion of numerous tiny bubbles. The end result is mind-blowing and because it is handmade, every piece is a unique piece of art.

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